Your security is our priority

From the server to the application, our engineers implement the state of the art technolgy to ensure the highest level of confidentiality

Protection +

End to end AES 256 Ecryption>
Your communications and data are never stored unprotected, only you have the key.

Double ratchet algorithm : Recommended Open source technology for privacy protection

Attacks -

Your exchanges are not centralized, but rest within a dedicated server :

+ You cannot be the collateral victim of mass piracy

+ Less data concentration = reduced probability of an attack

Internal Fraud 

You are the sole administrator or your data and communications, even our teams cannot access them.

Stop asking yourself if someone can read your messages and limit the risk of internal fraud.


Keep control : Deploy on our secure VM, on your own cloud or on-premise server.

+ Data storage location
+ Compliance with EU Regulations (GDPR)
+ Adapted to your IT policy

Private Circle

Identification : No emails, no phone numbers = no spam. Only the members of your organization or your invited partners can contact you

Personal Data

Our economic model relies on our cyber-security expertise.

We will never attempt to sell data concerning you