All your exchanges

One application

forum Messaging

Email strings, endless reply chains are just a bad memory

local_phone Audio

Unlimited HD calls.
Mute, Hands free, voice mail

videocam Video

Video : save on your mobile data subscription without compromising quality

group Conferences

Start your audio or video conferences with one click, no pre- reservations or access codes

insert_drive_file Dataroom

Due diligence or simple exchange, share any type of file (up to 1Go), and control the access to it

screen_share Screen sharing

Collaborate efficiently without compromising security

language Connected

Invite as many clients and partners as you like, there is no limit.

No registration, no software download needed.

phonelink Mobile

Synchronized information on all devices.

notifications_active Notifications

Set your notifications according to degree of importance.

See who is on line and check acknowledgment receipts

mms Multimedia

Enrich your posts with pictures, videos or voicemail and format your text

fingerprint Encryption

Make no mistake : all your exchanges are encrypted from end to end by default.

grain Decentralized

Avoid being the collateral victim of mass piracy.